Looking back Part 1

Dalton is looking it over the ends are coming together putting it all together, turned out to be a real chore…..

The greenhouse was the greatest thing to happen to us since sliced bread so to speak.  We had more plants than we knew what to do with.  Should we sale some or try and plant them all ?  Trying to plant and stake 3600 tomatoes is alot of work and time consuming, just to have the blight hit them and take out the crop for the year.  That was a lesson learned.  Its better to have several thousand less and be able to take care of them the way that you should.  I found it very hard to toss the remaining into the compost pile, but I did it reluctantly.

IMG_7245We found the perfect heater for the greenhouse out in Weaverville.  We purchased that and it was a homemade water reservoir stove, very sturdy built and it had been used in a church during the blizzard.  We got it home and finally got it placed where we wanted it, that was a chore in itself because it takes more than just 2 people to move that 10 ton thing, no worries about someone running off with it because they can’t grab it and go.  Much to our dismay, the radiator that the water would flow through was full of holes.  So now that put us back to square one and our gas heater to heat this 30 X 50 greenhouse.

Landon was so little but it seems he made every step we did on this journey . Hit or miss , pass or fail he always found the humor in it all .

By the time he starts to school he’ll already have seen, done and visited more things and places than most kids his age only dream about . I’m so glad that we are able to make these memories with him that I hope will last a lifetime .


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