We’ve Come A Long Way on this Journey we call Farming

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When we started this journey in 2011, we had a lot to learn along the way. We had never done anything like this before. We had grew tobacco and a garden but nothing like what was going to unfold if it came together like we had it in our heads.

Josh, J, Mother, Landon and even me had our own own ideas of how everything was going to come into play. How that we wanted everything to look when we stopped and looked around.

Putting the greenhouse up was the biggest project that we had ever taken on. I say we, it was really J and Josh. Without being awarded the 2012 WNC AgOption Grant my dreams would never have came to life. Debra Sloan was our right hand person helping to put everything together and giving ideas along the way. We valued every detail that she offered us.

2012 WNC AgOption Grant :

Rachelle Clark—Hydroponic Plant Production and Greenhouse Growing with the addition of a greenhouse,
Rachelle is producing vegetable starts for her fields as well as fresh
produce, strawberries, herbs and flowers to customers year-round. She is erecting a 30′ x 50′ greenhouse with a sufficient heat source to grow
hydroponic Ozark Beauty strawberries overhead in vertical troughs.
Very few hydroponic operations currently exist in the region.The 53 acres that Rachelle farms has been in her family for almost 100 years. The
family currently produces a variety of field-grown vegetables and has a
successful egg sales business. Rachelle has established an outreach plan
to educate Southern Appalachian Family Farms members and other local farmers about hydroponic greenhouse production.


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